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If the twentieth century was the American Century, who will the next one belong to ... and what will become of the nation's capital?


Will Washington D.C. be drowned in the rising tides and its glory days forgotten, or will its residents rise to the challenge and remake the world in its image?  In these stories you'll find as many questions as answers, but if assembled authors agree on anything, it's that we are destined to live in interesting times and more than that ... ones that we will have a hand in creating.  Ask not what the future can do for you...


Sixteen Original Tales by:

B. A. Chepaitis - Brenda W. Clough - Cory Doctorow - James Alan Gardner - Joe Haldeman - Thomas Harlan - Edward M. Lerner - Jane Lindskold - Jack McDevitt - Sean McMullen - Nancy Jane Moore - Kim Stanley Robinson - Steven Sawicki - L. Neil Smith - Allen M. Steele - Travis Taylor


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"If you think life inside the Beltway is unreal now, wait till you see the future! Wise-cracking aliens, witches who work as Realtors, zoo animals running wild in Rock Creek Park, border guards at the District line, presidential candidates who battle each other to the death -- Future Washington is by turns funny, frightening and savage" -- Michael Dirda, Washington Post Book World

"(these) stories take us to a D.C. that might be, with visions both light and dark, containing destruction, growth, humor and serious thought…whether the US government is alive and well, transformed by time or a distant memory, all the stories include a hint of the D.C. of today, making this a book for those of us who have lived or currently live in or near the city. It is the great writing and interesting visions of the future that make this a work for any who enjoying good reading." -- Colleen Cahill (Recommending Officer for Science Fiction and Fantasy at the Library of Congress)


"Washington D.C. was L'Enfant's rational utopia, a gleaming, planetary beacon of freedom, progress, enlightenment and popular decency. And then came the future. Gosh! Wow!" -- Bruce Sterling


"Like Washington D.C. itself, Future Washington combines the stately traditions of the future with the dynamism of the past." -- Patrick Nielsen Hayden, Editor/Anthologist (nielsenhayden.com)


"This book is worth paying attention to. It's a carefully constructed anthology of good SF." -- David G. Hartwell, Editor New York Review of Science Fiction


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