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UPDATE 11/22/2017:  The Man Who Ended History has arrived at our offices and all orders have been shipped.


A scientific invention makes it possible to virtually travel back in time and witness historical events.  It is only possible to witness it once from the same perspective, because the process eats up the record.  The inventor and her husband draw attention to the atrocities of Unit 731 during WWII.  They hope that eyewitnesses will shut down denialists.  But Chinese versus Japanese, and U.S. politics start their own games. (


The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary, by Ken Liu, first appeared in Panverse Three, September 2011.  The story was a Nebula, Hugo, and Sturgeon finalist.


The WSFA Press edition of The Man Who Ended History: A Documentary will be a signed, limited edition of 500 copies, with cover and four interior illustrations by Galen Dara.  This edition also contains the bonus short story: "Lecture 14: Concerning the Event Cloaking Device and Practical Applications Thereof".  The book will be signed by both Ken Liu and Galen Dara.


ISBN: 978-1-936896-08-0


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