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UPDATE:  The Signed/Numbered edition of The Skin Trade has now completely sold out.  However, we still have some of the trade edition in stock.


"Randi Wade's world is spiraling into a dark labyrinth of secrets and lies. Her only friend is keeping something from her. Innocent victims are being savagely attacked and left for dead, all but their skins. There is an eerie connection between the crime scenes and her own father's murder nearly twenty years before, unsolved to this day. Despite this, Chief of Police Joe Urquhart, her father's former partner and best friend, beckons her to drop the case, drop everything. Is he protecting her, or something else?


As the case unfolds, Randi is pulled ever closer to realizing her darkest fear: that werewolves do exist, and they'll do anything necessary to keep their secrets safe in this once quiet town... Even if it means killing their own. All the while, an eccentric but powerful family watches closely from inside the black iron gates of Blackstone Manor, as the horrendous truth behind it all begins to bubble toward the top." —The Skin Trade movie website.


The WSFA Press release of The Skin Trade consists of a 500 copy edition, individually numbered,  signed by Rick Berry, the artist, and George R.R. Martin, the author, plus an additional trade edition of 500 unsigned/un-numbered copies.  The Skin Trade was made available for the first time at WSFA's annual convention, Capclave in October 2013.


Trade Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-936896-04-2

Limited Signed/Numbered Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-936896-03-5


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